I just recently became OBSESSED with Thai Food. I always get a curry with potatoes, chicken and noodles!


I went to Iceland for my honeymoon.


I have been following a Paleo diet for over 4 years. Aka I have a ton of food allergies!


I’m a boy mama.


My promise to my clients

Feel supported every step of the way

From start to finish, I’ll be there to help you plan the day, help keep the day going on schedule, and fast delivery of the photos for you to enjoy forever. This is the experience that I wanted on my wedding day and I vow to give you!

I'll help you stay present

I want you to focus on getting married and the time with your loved ones. I know it only happens once, savor EVERY second, I’ll be there to help keep you calm and enjoying the day.

Connection captured

You are not just another date on my calendar, you are one of my couples and I agreed to capture you because we click! I’ll look for those moments, and capture the spark between you! 

Be your families new addition

I walk into the day caring about your people, because they now are my people too. With over 5 years of experience I’ll wrangle that one aunt and little kiddo you're worried about no problem. 

My Favorites Parts of the Wedding Day

Bride being zipped into her dress
First looks with dad or grandpas
Personalized vows
Portraits with bride and groom
Speeches I usually cry all day but I love hearing from the people that know you best
First dance

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why I love capturing love...
im sure you've been to so many photography websites by now AND YOU MUST BE wondering "how is this girl any different?"

... Well I’m a veil adjuster, a tide stick professional, a bouquet holder, a timekeeper, a family wrangler and finally, I bring the hype girl energy to keep you moving even when it feels impossible (those heels are cute but not your friend). When you hire me THAT'S what you’re getting! My goal is to do EVERYTHING I possibly can to make the day go smoother. Let me tell you, in the end, I’m not just another vendor who showed up, I'm your FRIEND.
Who am I?
I’m originally from the small town of Canfield, Ohio. I grew up going to the local fair (It’s a HUGE deal), working at a lemonade stand and playing golf with my grandpa. I then attended Bowling Green State University, and not knowing what I wanted to do in life, I got a degree in teaching kiddos with special needs. While this is still a huge passion of mine, I was not truly following my heart. I was that friend that always took a photo for every event. While they may not have been all that good at the time (pixart does NOT flatter), I decided that I wanted to dip my toes into the photography world. After my first taste of this as a career, I jumped in head first and I’ve never looked back.
By following my heart, I can say I’ve never been happier. I want to inspire and work with clients who do the same (say YES to that dream girl)! I am currently married to one heck of a man, and I have two pretty cool cats (I’m slightly obsessed), and the sweetest little boy. I went full time with photography after two years of trying to choose between teaching and taking photos (the picture taking always won). We just moved to Ann Arbor, but I can’t wait to find all the cool places and hidden gems. I still travel all over to capture weddings and will continue to serve you the best way I know how. I show up and give 110% and fix all the problems I can!
Let’s do this
If you have made it this far, thanks for getting to know me! I take the time to get to know you and your partner leading up to the wedding. I help plan every step of the way! Girl let’s talk, text, email, facetime you name it! I help prioritize the things that are important to you! If this sounds good to you head to the book me and let’s start chatting!
Fun facts about me...
I just recently became OBSESSED with Thai Food. The best is this place in little Havana, Miami. If your wedding is there, please take me with you!

I love to explore the off the grid places, not the tourist ones.

I have been following a Paleo diet for over 4 years 

I love making new friends (extrovert over here) 

My favorite types of couples are the ones that show up ready to be silly and have their photo taken! P.S I promise you won’t look awkward!! 

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