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If it wasn't totally clear, I fill my soul shooting weddings, engagements, and lifestyle sessions.

Here’s really the insider secret. Every setting, couple, and story is one of a kind and I want your experience to reflect that. The pictures in the end are what you have left after a lifetime of fun. So let’s give you something beautiful to remember.
weddings starting at $2500
Your day is so much more than staged, pretty photos. (I know, say whattt?) Hear me out. Yes, there’s only one chance to capture those, but what’s great is I just get to also capture you being YOU. Go about your day, dance if you want to, give grandma a kiss on the cheek.  I make each shot your own original, unique piece of art. And I do this all while you're having the best day ever.
From the big exciting moments, to the precious little ones, I’ll be creeping in the corner capturing things you didn’t even see happening. I show up, and when I do, you know you got a friend, so enjoy the day. I GOT YOU!
ENGAGEMENTS starting at $400
Worried about being uncomfortable in front of the camera? This session is meant for you to get cozy and relax. I swear by the end you’ll feel like it’s just you and your love dancing with me and having fun. I HIGHLY suggest doing a session with me before the wedding, so we can really get to know each other. And that way, the day of, you have one less thing to worry about because you can trust me to be there for you! 

I wanna capture who you are in these sessions! You wanna ride dirt bikes through your backyard? I'M DOWN. You want to fish in your grandpa's boat? I'M HOOKED. You wanna get a coffee? LET'S DO IT. Then these photos are yours to be used for the save the dates, Christmas cards or whatever else you want (and of course printed for your wall)! Have I made it clear how much I LOVE engagement sessions???
LIFESTYLE SESSIONS starting at $400
These sessions can be anything. I’ve done proposals, family shoots, maternity sessions, couple pictures and even business branding. I only take a select few of these a year, BUT I love when I get to be creative and bring your ideas to life. I firmly believe that every chapter of life needs a photo, because what better way to remember it by.

From a creative standpoint, these sessions are so important to me. I will bring out the drawing boards, pinterest and even deep dive through magazines to find inspiration. I am constantly searching for ideas to deliver the best content I can.
What are you waiting for?
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